Student Management
	Student Personal Details
	Parents Details
	Class and Section Allocation
	Pass / Fail Entry
	Discharging of students
	Identity Card generation of students
	Promotes your students at Year End automatically to the next year. 
	Import bulk students records from MS Excel
	Can capture photos using Web Cam installed on the PC.

Fee Management
	Fee Configuration Master
	Monthly Fee Collection
	Admission Fee Collection
	Other Miscellaneous fee Collection like Transportation Fee, Sports Fees,
        and Lab Fees etc.
	Fee Fine Collection
	Printing Of Fee Receipt
	Exam Terms Fee Collection
	SMS Receipt
	Prepares bills with customizable bill items
	Sends pre-advice SMS to parents notifying them of the Total Fees of their wards.
	Notifies Parents the moment fees are paid by their wards.

	Employee Master
	Allocation Of Allowances, Deductions and Leaves
	Attendances Entry
	Processing Of Monthly Salary
	SSNIT, TIER 2 Computations
	PAYE Calculations
	Loan Management
	Credit Union
        SMS Notification of Salary payment

	Ledger Making
	Payment Voucher Entry
	Receipt Voucher Entry
	Journal Voucher Entry
	Contra Voucher Entry
	Purchase Voucher Entry
	Sales Voucher Entry
	Closing Stock Entry
	Company Information Entry
	Changing Financial Year
	Salary Posting
	Fee Posting

	Book Entry Master
	Event Entry Master
	Magazine Entry Master
	Damage/Loss Books Entry
	Subject Master
	Book Restriction Master
	Library Membership Information
	Book Issued Information
	Book Return Information
	Book Bank Information
	Library Fine Entry
	Staff Request Entry for Book
	Issued Book To Staff
	Book Searching Title, Author, Subject Wise

Examinations Module:
	Links students to subjects and teachers. 
	Manipulates the marks you enter and work out averages per subject. 
	Preloads excel sheet with names of students who registered for a course.
	Validates the data in MS Excel to avoid errors.
	Imports the scores from MS Excel into the system.
	Sends scores sheets to teachers by Email.
	Reports can also to be exported to MS Excel.
	Calculates automatically whether a student has passed or failed and 
        determine the total they obtained. 
	Prints standard reports like Terminal reports, order of merits, etc
	Capability to send terminal reports by SMS and Email.
        Generate Students performance Charts
        Transcript of academic records

Report Generation Based on
Students Report
	Student Detail Report
	Academic Performance Report
	New Admission Report
	Student Birthdays Report
	Identity Card Generation
	Date Wise Fee Collection
	Fine Fees Report
	Pending Fees Report
	Fee Concession Report

	Allowances Reports based on Designation/Grade/Employee
	Leave Reports based on Designation/Grade/Employee
	Pay Slip Generation/SMS Notification

Results / Examination Reports
	Class Section wise Results
	Mark sheet Generation
	Supplementary Mark sheet Generation

	Accounts Reports
	Group wise Ledger List
	Trial Balance Generation
	Generation Of Balance Sheet
	Generation Of Profit and Loss A/c
	Library Reports
	Issued Book Report
	Book Bank Report
	Library Fine Report

	-Create a new user
	-Define Access rights
	-Year Ending and posting of data

	-Database Backup

Other Features 
	-User Friendly
	-Attractive User Interface 
	-Easy To Customize 
	-Multi level Password protection
	-Full featured backup and restoration
	-Unlimited number of users 
	-Customized reports

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